We Produce IQF Fruits & Vegetables

  • 9 Ibrahim Sherief St, Kiroseiz Buildings, Block G Alexandria, Egypt
  • +20 35433981
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  • One of the leading IQF fruits and vegetables manufacturers in Egypt.
  • Galina holds a large, diversified client's base, which is spread mostly across the US, Europe, Canada and Asia.
  • The Company leverages an export driven business model.
  • Located in Alexandria, Egypt , Galina uses a modern state-of-the-art processing plant with best-in-class quality assurance measures to deliver agricultural products all-year round to worldwide partners. Production capacity has doubled, following the expansion and renovation of the facility and continuous investment .
  • Galina strategically incorporates a fully and vertically integrated Strawberry farming with full control across the value chain.
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We strive to provide high quality frozen fruits, vegetables and innovative products using the best production technology & management practices to meet the business needs, providing the manufacturers, supermarket chains & distributors with the best products that fulfill expectations. We produce items that have intentional recognition in the global food industry.

We aspire to be a global leader in the IQF fruits and vegetables industry, recognized for excellence in quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction. Strive to innovate and set industry standards, making a positive impact on both our stakeholders and the environment.

  • Galina supplies globally renowned names in the wider F&B industry, including other manufacturers, re-packers, traders and wholesalers.

  • Since its inception, Galina has grown operations to more than 40 markets worldwide.

Our History

  • Galina was founded in 2004 by Chairman Dr. Abdelwahed, Galina has emerged as a distinguished Egyptian manufacturer, focusing on the processing and production of IQF fruits and vegetables. Recognized internationally for our commitment to premium quality, Galina has garnered trust and a strong reputation.