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  • 9 Ibrahim Sherief St, Kiroseiz Buildings, Block G Alexandria, Egypt
  • +20 35433981

Our Story

Fresh from Nature,
Served with Care

Galina is a family company, founded in 2004 by Chairman Dr. Abdelwahed Soliman. Originally established as a poultry company, Dr. Abdelwahed recognized the strategic advantages of Egypt’s geographical positioning and decided to pivot the entirety of the company into the agricultural field. The stability of climate and the abundance of fertile land near the river Nile facilitated the means for Galina to enter the market and ultimately shape the company’s trajectory towards the production of IQF (Individually quick frozen) Fruits and vegetables for the export market.

Today, Galina is led by three generations, embodying a legacy of expertise and commitment. As one of the premier suppliers of high-quality produce, our company stands at the forefront of the industry, delivering excellence that spans across generations.

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Why Choose Us

We produce all your
IQF needs

Choose Galina for premium IQF frozen fruits and vegetables from Egypt. With a longstanding industry presence, our commitment to excellence has earned us a robust international reputation. We prioritize top-tier quality, continually investing in our facilities and operations to meet international requirements. Our flexibility ensures tailored solutions, fostering lasting partnerships. Elevate your business with our superior products and unwavering dedication to client satisfaction.

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